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22 April 2016 @ 10:46 am
Faroese textbook  

A while ago I posted about how I was writing a textbook for Faroese, I think...? Well, I ended up losing those files or something but I'm rewriting it all now and the book is about halfway done. After I finish it'll be really easy to convert it into a book about Icelandic too, and then I might work on a compilation one for how to learn both at once.

As it stands now, it's going to be a "series" of 2 or 3 books to get you from beginner to advanced (to the point where you can definitely read anything you want, especially with a dictionary). This is what's planned:

Book 1's end goal is to make it so you can read recipes and possibly knitting instructions. It'd include:

— The four noun cases
— The easiest verbforms + present and past tense
— The basic prepositions, adverbs, prefixes and suffixes; hints on how to tell what an unknown word means based on suffixes
— All the useful vocabulary for recipes + possibly knitting, + a few more words

As of right now, this first book is about halfway complete. The focus is on "understand and be understood", not on "be perfect".

Book 2's goal would be "can read simple short stories + blog posts", and would include:
— Adjectives, the other verbforms, a focus on sound-changes, vowel-changes and more of the irregular stuff

Book 3's goal would be to make you able to read basically everything, and would focus on even more of the tricky stuff, lesser-used phrases, perfecting yourself etc. It would also include really basic instructions for how to figure out how to read Icelandic since you'd be that advanced anyway.