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27 December 2016 @ 10:35 am
Learning Greenlandic  
hey everyone, long time no see!

well i started learning greenlandic for real, so i can write a textbook and dictionary for it. (actually it's the other way around - in order to write a textbook, i started learning). turns out greenlandic is RIDICULOUSLY easy. extremely regular language, EXTREMELY few unique words (even a word like "town" is actually "house-having place" - so with 2,000 words you'll basically have the keys to literally the entire language), and the written matches the spoken extremely well.

the problem is, you guessed it, a lack of actual lessons and the horrific dictionaries. i've been searching desperately for even simple info like the entire picture for pronouns (not just "i, you eat" but also "my dog", "i eat you"), and i can't find half the affixes or suffixes in a word in the dictionary. for example, a ton of words might end in "-neq", it obviously means something different from  "-toq", but there's no pages telling me the meaning and you can't look up simply -neq in the dictionary. collecting ALL the danish resources, including some youtube videos, gives me a lot of material to work with but the best lessons are actually in german, which i can't read!

anyway. i'm actually making fast progress on writing the textbook, i'm almost done with the grammar section and am slowly filling in the dictionary. i already have people who want  to buy the book when i'm done so i'm pretty fired up about it, i just wish i knew some greenlanders or fluent speakers to help me out! i've been trying to contact people better than me and they're just like "lol good work keep trying lol".
Sebastian MooreSebastian Moore on February 19th, 2017 04:53 am (UTC)
The textbook you are writing!
Hi! I was wondering if it was possible if I could have a look at the grammar section of the textbook for Greenlandic that you are writing?


Would love to help you get in contact with some Greenlandic speakers if you need.
ringlat: a dreamringlat on February 19th, 2017 12:22 pm (UTC)
Re: The textbook you are writing!
Sure, no problem! Except... apparently... when I cleaned up my comp last week I accidentally deleted the REAL work file that had 90% of the info, including all the "suffix" translations (aka the grammar), and I didn't make a backup ;_; Here's a few sample pictures of what I have left, which is basically nothing D: It's good that you said something because otherwise it'd have taken me a long time to notice, but I feel like a huge, frustrated idiot right now at the thought that I had this huge/"great" file and it's just gone now...

That'd be great if you could! I don't even know anyone else who's tryng to learn, so I'm just floundering around by myself here.