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20 February 2016 @ 12:38 am
greenlandic again  

dictionary is now at just over 900 words and i've begun to write grammar lessons, but i've realized that the "grammar" you need to know is simply just individual small words that only come in the middle of other words, meaning i can't find them in the dictionary by alphabetizing things. for example, the word "no, not" is one of these. i apparently can't find a list of all of them (there's said to be like 500...?) and when i do find someone writing about them their definitions can be too vague, ex. "big" - what kind of big? are we talking big in size (cat, fat cat) or degree (puddle, lake)?

unfortunately the most detailed book i've found so far on all the languages related to it is from one of the most unrelated ones (coming from somewhere in Alaska). while most of the same concepts exist in greenlandic, the vocabulary is mostly different... it seems like the few people writing about these languages are linguists who already know how to speak the language, so they don't make things clear for the average person. sigh.

i've been trying to find someone fluent in greenlandic to talk to about it, but they're proving hard to find! in the meantime i'm bookmarking all the resources i find so i can update the comm with them later.