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25 April 2016 @ 03:30 pm

by random chance, found this article on "gøtudansk" - the special danish in the faroe islands!


it's listed on this comm under dialects but i had never found anything about it before, and at the time the wikipedia page for it had nothing. i'll see if i can find more info about it later and then translate stuff about it!

they're calling it its own language and then saying it's like spanglish in the USA.

it's mostly danish, with faroese pronunciation and word order, and random faroese words inserted (code-switching). if there's a danish word that's like the faroese one, they'll use that regardless if it's the commonly-used danish one. the "gøtu" part in the name looks like it comes from gata (street; street danish) but possibly comes a town called the same thing, instead.

they have slightly different grammar than in standard danish; skimming the article, it seems like they've changed the past-tense a little and use faroese genders with danish words. they're also mixing words, one example here is "north-islands", with north being in faroese and islands being in danish.