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20 February 2016 @ 12:38 am

dictionary is now at just over 900 words and i've begun to write grammar lessons, but i've realized that the "grammar" you need to know is simply just individual small words that only come in the middle of other words, meaning i can't find them in the dictionary by alphabetizing things. for example, the word "no, not" is one of these. i apparently can't find a list of all of them (there's said to be like 500...?) and when i do find someone writing about them their definitions can be too vague, ex. "big" - what kind of big? are we talking big in size (cat, fat cat) or degree (puddle, lake)?

unfortunately the most detailed book i've found so far on all the languages related to it is from one of the most unrelated ones (coming from somewhere in Alaska). while most of the same concepts exist in greenlandic, the vocabulary is mostly different... it seems like the few people writing about these languages are linguists who already know how to speak the language, so they don't make things clear for the average person. sigh.

i've been trying to find someone fluent in greenlandic to talk to about it, but they're proving hard to find! in the meantime i'm bookmarking all the resources i find so i can update the comm with them later.

15 February 2016 @ 02:31 pm
have now figured out how greenlandic works, it was exactly the same as the book for western inuktitut that i had read except i got a tiny piece of info that helped more (someone is saying that -vo-, -po- actually mark verbs) that i will have to try testing. the only thing left is to figure out overall sentence structure and gather up all the most useful words...

i started creating a dictionary and writing grammar lessons last night, the aim is to have it be at around 900 words and right now i'm at around 300. if i'm really lucky i can find someone to help me make a pop-up dictionary for it. but, seems like the grammar is so simple that a description of it can fit on just a few pages.
12 February 2016 @ 02:20 pm
found out about a new dialect of swedish, or probably new (not going to read so closely), compared to the other stuff about estonian-swedish and "swedish abroad" and things, but there's probably nothing on it that you can find online...

11 February 2016 @ 12:16 am
Hey guys! I found out that Greenlandic is actually just a dialect of the native Canadian languages and aside from specific vocabulary and veeeery slight spelling differences, their main grammar is so far exactly the same. I really couldn't find any info about Greenlandic before, but the wiki page on the language group as a whole is pretty readable for me, and I found some old books on it all too, so I think I'll be able to figure out the grammar and write some lessons for it.

I won't work on it right now (okay, I did start a little but I can't allow myself to focus on it), but it should happen sometime... I'm pretty excited because up until now I thought Greenlandic was unlearnable unless you actually lived in Greenland or Denmark, due to lack of lessons.

From what I've seen so far the grammar isn't actually difficult at all, it's just attaching words to the end (that are, so far, very regular I might add — much moreso than Icelandic's grammar anyway) and then otherwise it works just like Indonesian, where the words aren't really nouns or verbs, they don't contain a tense and they're actually not any set form in speech (word order and whatever you've attached to the end decides that).
26 January 2016 @ 10:49 pm
i was linked to this today. if you want to practise reading swedish with something that's a little more out there than what your textbook gives you, click the link. warning for potential NSFW images, i didn't browse much on there but...

25 January 2016 @ 01:08 pm

Hi everyone, I've made a new comm specifically for posting fanfiction and normal fiction that you've written in a foreign language: langfic

You can ask for corrections but you don't have to. Likewise, you can post a translation but you don't have to. You can be any skill level (though ideally not fluent) and the fics can be any length — if you don't know how to use adjectives or adverbs then simply don't use them, it's that kind of place.

I think writing is good practise but posting fanfic on real sites (such as FFN and AO3) can quickly breed mean comments so I thought a community where we all share the "I'm still learning" feeling was better.

So far there's one in Swedish (from me >.>;) and I'm sure more Nordic languages will come eventually if you guys are willing to try!
09 January 2016 @ 01:41 am

Alright everyone!

I need some money, so I decided I'm going to write a quick guide for Faroese grammar/vocabulary in just a few days, then sell it up on Lulu. After that I may do one for Icelandic since they're similar enough that the general lessons don't need all that many changes. The book (dunno how long it'll be) will show generalizations and ignore most of the irregular stuff, and teach you all the most frequently-used words, so you get a grasp of what's going on without worrying about too much crap. It'll have example sentences I pull from various places too.

I have one Faroese sorta-friend ("guy I talk to online very occasionally") who might be able to write random stuff that I can then translate for the book, so that it has reading exercises. But I don't want to rely on him so if any of you have/are better options let me know.

If you know or are learning Faroese or Icelandic, let me know about the things you find most difficult (aside from irregularities) and I'll make sure to cover them extra well.

28 November 2015 @ 07:16 pm


oops, thought this was a page for norwegians to learn icelandic but it's the other way around (why are they writing in norwegian then...)

i've been studying and working on writing some books so i haven't fixed up the comm like i said earlier. well, business as usual then.

30 September 2015 @ 05:47 am
simply a list of dictionaries, dunno if they all already exist on the resource pages

i cleaned up my firefox bookmarks and i think i have a few things in there that aren't on this comm, will get to adding them once i get around to finishing the general link-list updates.
26 September 2015 @ 12:34 pm
This link has a scan of some free Faroese papers that someone's put up, I haven't looked but it might have stuff for most of the other languages too.


Some random Faroese blog I found in the process: