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Learn Nordic Languages
A community for learning any of the Nordic languages (including Old Norse, Faroese, Danish sign language...), dialects, and Nordic-related constructed languages.

Conversation practice, resources, questions, beginner's topics, everything is welcomed! You may also post about Nordic-related things that aren't language-related if you have a school assignment and need help (like "Did they wear this in viking times?").

- You can ask about unrelated topics if it directly relates to Nordic languages. For example:

1. You cannot ask only about Estonian grammar. But you can ask about how Estonian grammar is different from Finnish grammar.

2. You cannot ask only about Japanese. But you can ask "I learned Japanese and I'm interested in Swedish, how does knowing Japanese make learning Swedish easier?"

If you're unsure if your post is relevant enough to the community, add something else that makes it definitely relevant. For example, translate the post into your bad Danish and ask for corrections.

- If you get any sort of error when trying to view an entry, it means you have to be a member to see it. All resources pages (those are the ones you want to join this comm for!) are members-locked.

- Sales posts, product/book reviews, advertisements, and meetup posts are completely okay as long as they relate to Nordic language learning.

Resource lists (You must be a member to see them):

All Languages
Dialects and Derivative Languages
Constructed Languages
Old Norse
Sign Language and Braille
Memories (For language lessons)

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